Affrimation Calender

Its happening! i just launched my very first Crowdfuning campagne!

It began as a personal project during which I created Art Nouveau-influenced illustrations featuring positive affirmations for my everyday life. Eventually, I had over 25 of them, which I now want to share with you in the form of a perpetual desk calendar. I hope that these illustrations will help you navigate through this world as much as they helped me. As always, my goal is to show diverse bodies—each person with their own story—and thus shift the attention from solely thin, white bodies towards diverse ones. Maybe you see yourself represented in one of them!

But why the Funding

To bring this calendar to life, I need your support. The money will be used for printing costs, as well as Indiegogo and credit card fees. With the 500€ you finance not only the printing of 250 calendars, but you also make it possible for others to order this calendar in the future. Only when this campaign is over and I have covered the printing costs with it, will the money from each additional calendar sold support me and my work.

When the funding campaign ends, I will commission the printing and you will receive your own calendar shortly after. In addition, everyone who helps gets a small, hand-painted work of art as a thank-you.

you can find the Crowdfunding here