Individual comissions

If you are interested in comissioning a piece, please feel free to contact me concerning prices via

Prints on Demand

Other then this, i can offer Prints on demand. Prices and Order via

Tattoo and Tattoo comissions

All my works are unter so you may use any work of mine I published as a tattoo design as long as you reffernce me somehow via social media. I would be happy if you ask me in edvance too! And if you want to pay me a bit for my work please contact me.

If you want to comission a tatto design this is possible, for prices feel free to write me an e-mail!

Note: I want to be as inclusive as possible. So if you don`t have much money to offer and still want something desperatly;) write me an E-Mail anyway. There will be ways you still can get what you want….