Pricing system

i try alternative pricing methods to counter the normal capitalist system. Howerver, I have to live in this system and therfore have to assigne (fair) prices to my work. Nevertheless, I want to make my art as accessible as possible to people. Thats why I assigned three fixed prices to each work. If you want to purchase a piece, please choos one of the three prices mentiones. Do not feel guilty about the chosen price!

Solidarity fund

If you can pay more than the highest price, then this is possible too. The difference comes into a solidarity fund. The money there is to help people who have less mones and still want to buy a work of art. If the Mones in this fund hasnt been used within a year, I will donate it to activists, groups or organizations which work for the rights of th LGBTQI+ community, sexworker or other maginalized people out there.